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Active4Health Exercise on Referral programme

Framework (doc)
Exercise on Referral Form (doc)

Mechanisms of Physical Activity – How does it work?

Mechanisms of Physical Activity – How does it work? (pdf)

Public Health England Resources

The Campaign Resource Centre aims to provide a one-stop shop for all DH public health campaign activities for anyone who works directly with the public. Each campaign section offers a summary of the campaign together with the all resources available to support it.

Click here to access PHE Campaign Resource Centre

Everybody Active Everyday (pdf)
Public Health England wants to drive a step change in the public’s health. Tackling physical inactivity is a key part of making this step change to reduce the burden of preventable death, disease and disability, and support people and their communities to achieve their potential.

Fact Zone

Loose fruit and vegetables can cost half the price of pre-packaged items; useful to remember when shopping for your 5 a day on a budget.