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eat_better_move_more_awardsWhat is Eat Better, Move More?

Eat Better, Move More is a Shropshire wide obesity prevention project aiming to enhance the skills and knowledge of those working with or supporting young children and families. It has 2 key topics; healthy eating and physical activity. The project aims to provide consistent health messages in line with current, evidence-based national guidance and ultimately support children and families overall health and well-being.

EBMM Projects

Eat Better, Move More Early Years Practitioner Training was developed and piloted using feedback from previous programmes. This training looks at causes and issues around child obesity and has an emphasis on working in partnership with families. It uses solution-focussed, strengths-based approaches which have been shown to be more effective in achieving sustainable positive lifestyle changes than simply advice giving. It is also an opportunity for those supporting families 1:1 or in group settings to share ideas and experiences. Many frontline practitioners have completed this training and are using the skills and knowledge in their everyday practice. Shropshire Public Health and its partners hope to roll this out so that other professionals and volunteers can attend.

Eat Better, Move More Parent Courses have also been piloted through Sure Start Children's Centres with positive feedback from families who have attended and made short and long-term positive changes to their family lifestyles as a result.

EBMM for early years settings

This looks at the food, drink and physical activity care settings provide and how these might be developed in line with the requirements of OFSTED and the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS).

As part of a pilot project, around 50 settings submitted baseline, follow up checklists and action plans to the Children's Food Trust and the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity. Reports of the findings have been provided by both agencies and provide a basis for further development of this work. Childminders, nurseries and pre-schools that took part received certificates showing parents and carers of their commitment to children's healthy development.

In collaboration with Shropshire Council's Learning & Skills Early Years Team, a programme of training courses for early years settings has been developed so that other settings can benefit. Details of these courses can be found at: or by contacting:

Early Years CPD Team
01743 254570

EBMM Primary Schools Pack

The Eat Better Move More primary school teacher resource pack provides a 'toolkit' of practical ideas to help them confidently communicate and deliver healthy eating messages and build in physical activity across KS1 and KS2 curriculums. The pack contains a variety of ways in which children can learn about and apply the principles of health in their daily life and assist teachers in increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour throughout the school day.

The Eat Better Move More resource was been developed as part of the 'Respect Yourself' relationship and sex education resource in order to build skills and knowledge already developed in many of our primary schools. Local teachers were recruited to produce and pilot the resource, with a total of 12 Shropshire primary schools and 1251 pupils taking part. Using feedback from this pilot project the Eat Better, Move More resource will be rolled out so that other schools and teachers can benefit.


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Fact Zone

Parent and baby swim sessions encourage infants to be physically active, helps to build muscles and aids the development of motor skills.
The benefits of physical activity for babies and infants include the development of motor skills, cognitive development and maintenance of an healthy weight.
Activities, sports and games encourage children to be active. Make physical activity as fun as possible to get young people moving!
Physical activity should be encouraged from birth. Floor-based play, ‘tummy time’, reaching, grasping, pulling and pushing all help babies and infants to develop.
Children start learning about food from a very early age. Make sure that they receive the right messages, develop healthy appetites and learn to make the right choices from the start.
Help young children to make good choices about food and exercise by setting the best example.
Remember that portion size is key to helping to maintain an healthy weight in infants and young children. Young children need ‘me-size’ portions and plenty of physical activity to be healthy.
Involving children in cooking helps them to develop the skills for healthy eating for life. Get them involved and make it fun!
In order to lay the right foundations for healthy living in later life, infants and children need to start in the best way possible, by eating well, moving more and minimising sedentary behaviour.
It is very important to minimise the time infants spend being sedentary. Floor-based and water-based play helps to keep under-5s active and healthy.


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