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Fact Zone

Activities, sports and games encourage children to be active. Make physical activity as fun as possible to get young people moving!
Our main source of vitamin D is summer sunlight, hard to get enough in the UK to last the winter! No need to sunbathe; the amount of sun required is less than the amount that causes tanning or burning.
Involving children in cooking helps them to develop the skills for healthy eating for life. Get them involved and make it fun!
Vitamin C can be found in lots of foods, including peppers, broccoli, oranges, kiwifruit and sweet potatoes.
Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Taking a folic acid supplement can reduce the chance of spina bifida in your baby.
Pregnant or have children under four and on benefits? You might qualify for Healthy Start vouchers to help you buy fruit, veg and milk and give important vitamins free at pharmacies.
Remember that portion size is key to helping to maintain an healthy weight in infants and young children. Young children need ‘me-size’ portions and plenty of physical activity to be healthy.
‘Vitamin D in pregnancy may aid a child's grip’ – a recent study showed that higher levels taken during pregnancy may improve children’s muscle development and strength.
Vitamin D taken during pregnancy is stored in your body to provide baby with enough vitamin D for the first few months of life helping to give them healthy bones and teeth.
Feeding at night helps to stimulate your milk supply.