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It is never too late to stop smoking to greatly benefit your health. Deciding when to stop smoking has to be your decision, and although seven out of ten smokers say they want to stop, most believe they cannot. It doesn't matter how many times you have tried to quit - you CAN stop smoking, and the most successful way of quitting is with the help of a free Stop Smoking Service.

If you use a combination of stop smoking medicine, along with specialist help from a stop smoking service, you're up to four times more likely to successfully go Smokefree than if you try and stop on your own.

The Smokefree National Helpline also has expert advisers available between 9am - 8pm from Monday - Friday, and between 11am - 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Just call them on 0300 123 1044.

If you live in England you can order a free Quit Kit Support Pack, which includes advice along with a number of practical items (such as a planner to plot your progress) to encourage and assist smokers to give up for good. Click on the link on the right hand side for more details and to order yours.

If you would prefer to have an online chat with an expert Stop Smoking Adviser, click here.


If you would like further information, please consult the 'helpful links' section on this page.

Fact Zone

Willpower alone gives you the lowest chance of successfully quitting
No matter how long you have been smoking, it is worth quitting
It doesn't matter how many times you have tried to quit - you CAN stop smoking
If you use medication and behavioural support you can quadruple your chances of success


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