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Shropshire Council's public health service, Help2Change, is supporting the 2017/18 Stay Well This Winter campaign. The campaign is a joint initiative from NHS England and Public Health England and aims to encourage people to keep well by taking precautions and using the right services so they're less likely to be admitted to hospital over winter.

The campaign encourages those who are at particular risk from flu, to take up their offer of a free flu vaccination. Those eligible for a free flu jab include:

  • Older people aged 65 and over
  • People with long term health conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Children 2 to 8 years (nasal spray)

Did you know you can get your free flu jab at a pharmacy?  You don't always have to go to your GP to get your free flu vaccine.  Pharmacies also offer them, along with other advice and support.  Click here to to find out which pharmacies offer free flu vaccinations to eligible people in Shropshire.

Stay Well this Winter also provides information to help those with long-term conditions and those over 65 prepare for winter and ward off common winter illnesses.  For those with long term health conditions such as COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, heart or kidney disease, or for those who have suffered a stroke, cold weather and winter illnesses (such as flu) can make health problems like these far worse. Cold weather can also be very harmful for people age 65 or older: it weakens the immune system, increases blood pressure, thickens the blood and lowers body temperature, increasing risks of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and chest infections.

Whether you are someone who feels may benefit from this campaign or an organisation who would like to promote Stay Well this Winter, there's a host of information and advice at You can also click on the links below and download the information leaflets and posters on this page.

Flu Vaccination: Winter 2017/2018 resources

All about flu and how to stop getting it - easy read for adults with learning difficulties

All about flu and how to stop getting it - easy read version for children with learning difficulties 

The flu vaccination - who should have it and why (includes information for children and pregnant women) 

Information for parents: protecting your child against flu 

Five reasons to vaccinate your child against flu - poster 

Flu vaccination poster for the over 65s or those with long term health conditions 

Poster for people with long term health conditions


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