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The Glade Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is a dedicated centre which provides a comprehensive medical and therapeutic service to men, women and children who have been raped or sexually assaulted within the West Mercia area. The Glade has two sites; one at Bransford, Worcestershire and one at Wellington, Telford. The Glade's services are free, confidential and can be assessed with or without the involvement of the police. If a rape or sexual assault is reported to the police, The Glade's services may be offered as part of their response.

For victims who do not wish to report to the police or are unsure about reporting, The Glade offers a self referral service. This service is available to men, women and children aged 16+ who have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last 28 days. The Glade have a self referral line which is answered 365 days a year by specially trained female crisis workers who are there to offer advice and support. If the victim is unable to make the call, The Glade are happy to speak to friends, family members or professionals on the victims behalf. Where appropriate the victim may be offered a forensic medical examination to allow for the collection of any forensic evidence. This examination would be completed at The Glade by a specially trained doctor or nurse and would only be done with the consent of the victim. Any evidence gathered from the examination would then be stored securely at The Glade for 7 years, allowing the victim time to think. If the victim then decides to report to the police, the evidence would be handed to the police as part of their investigation. The doctor or nurse will also discuss any sexual health or pregnancy concerns the victim may have, providing medication where appropriate.

Details of The Glade's exact location would be given via the telephone and attendance at The Glade as a self referral is by appointment only. The Glade has a team of specially trained Crisis Workers who are there to offer support whilst at The Glade and by telephone to both police and self referral victims.

Staff at The Glade can also arrange aftercare such as; appointments at the victim's local sexual health clinic for sexually transmitted infection screening, referrals for ongoing and long term support through an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advocate), appointments at the victims GP surgery and referrals for counselling.

Self Referral Line 0808 178 2058
Email (please note this is monitored 9am-5pm Mon-Friday

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