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Physical activity for children and young people should include muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities like gymnastics and climbing.
To help build physical activity into children and young people’s daily routine try to make it fun and interesting. Get family and friends involves and think up new ways to get moving!
Measurements are taken sensitively and in private by members of Shropshire’s School Nursing Service. Your child’s results aren’t shared with teachers or other pupils.
NCMP information is used to plan local health services for children and families.
Research shows that if a child is overweight, they are more likely to be overweight as an adult, which can lead to health problems.
National Child Measurement Programme has been running since 2005.
NCMP collects data on children’s height and weight at Reception year and Year 6.
For information and advice on managing your child's weight, contact Shropshire School Nursing Service on 01939 235277.
Trained staff taking height and weight measurements for children will use a BMI centile chart to calculate whether your child is growing as expected.