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Physical activity is critical for a baby's growth and development. During this time toddlers go through wide and rapid physical and psychological developments which build the foundation for their future health and well-being.

For babies not yet walking, unrestricted floor based activities are important for helping to develop all their senses, interact with others and develop language and communication skills. It teaches them about their bodies and the world around them. They need opportunities indoors and outdoors to:

•           Reach and grasp for objects

•           Turn head towards stimuli

•           Pull, push and play with objects, toys and people


Children under 5yrs need time and space to play, to master their physical world and to develop fundamental movement skills. Physically active play is the best way for young children to be active. Children should have the opportunity to practice:

•           Movement skills: running, jumping, skipping, dancing, galloping and water-based activity.

•           Stability: balancing: riding a bike, climbing.

•           Object-control: kicking, catching, rolling, and hitting a ball

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