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Shropshire Council Public Health is focused on helping as many people as possible take up some form of activity as part of their daily lifestyle. Regular exercise can make you feel better and also help to manage and improve health.

What is Exercise on Referral?

Exercise on Referral schemes provide patients with the opportunity to engage in a structured programme of physical activity or exercise under the guidance of a suitably qualified exercise professional. The objective is to provide a positive introduction to being active which may act as a catalyst to long-term behaviour change.

An Exercise on Referral programme begins with a personal assessment by your Exercise on Referral instructor who works with you to design your own exercise programme specifically to meet your ability and health needs.

The exercise programme is usually gym-based but in some instances may include water-based activity. After following your programme of exercise over a number of weeks you will be given an end-of-programme assessment to check your progress and help you decide how you may wish to continue exercising.

Who is Exercise on Referral for?

You may have been referred by your GP or Health Care Professional to a dedicated exercise professional who develops an exercise programme based on your goals and preferences. Generally this exercise programme takes place within a leisure facility for between 10-16 weeks and is usually offered at a subsidised cost.

How much will it cost?

The length and cost of Exercise on Referral programmes will vary. Instructors hold a recognised qualification in Exercise Referral, which allows them to work with patients experiencing a range of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, high/low blood pressure and anxiety/depression.

All Active4Health Exercise on Referral providers have demonstrated their commitment to work to the Department of Health National Quality Assurance Framework standards by entering a register with Active4Health.



Please be aware this service is not funded by the Council or NHS and please discuss costs with your chosen venue.

To find out more information about venues/pricing/ structure please use the Healthy Shropshire Drectory link to the right.


Fact Zone

You burn 50 more calories an hour when standing than when sitting
Spending too much time sitting puts your health at risk