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There are many forms of exercise and everyone can benefit from doing a little more, more often. Physical activity is everything from everyday activity, to playing sports or joining an exercise class. Increasing our everyday demanding activities such as gardening, climbing the stairs, mopping the floor or waking the children to school instead of driving, can be a good place to start to increase physical activity levels. You may, however, prefer to join a sports club, an exercise group, or a walking group and enjoy a more social element when exercising.

Whatever you choose remember you need to enjoy it and remember to get the most out of exercising, whatever you choose to do should last for 10 minutes or longer


Fact Zone

A 20-minute bike ride to work could use the same amount of calories as a cappuccino, a bar of chocolate or a 175ml glass of wine.
Moderate pedal-pushing burns up to 500 calories per hour.
In 2008 Shrewsbury Town was one of 12 towns to be awarded cycling town status by Cycling England
Spending too much time sitting puts your health at risk
Walking is free; cycling is cheap