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How to become involved in Sport and Leisure

There are many ways we can all enjoy sport and leisure in our communities. Public leisure centres' throughout Shropshire offer a wide range of activities from exercise classes such as, Pilates or yoga, through to gym based exercise or sports such as football and netball.

Whatever you choose, try something you may enjoy and contact your local leisure centre who can provide information on what's currently available and help in choosing the right start-up activity for you. Similarly the online support at NHS Live well pages (see links) helps you find out which sports may best suit you.


There are many organisations and departments within Shropshire such as the Sport Development department who work towards enabling everyone in the county to benefit from participating in sport and physical activity, working with key agencies, such as Energize (county Sports Partnership) to improve opportunities for all.

A vision to enable sport and physical activity to be a part of everybody's everyday life and support its development in many shapes and forms, is fundamental to the roles of these organisations. For more information go to their site using the link provided.

If you are already working and participating in sport and exercise, or provide opportunities and advice for those looking to get involved - whatever level of interest or ability, you may find the County Sport Partnership Energize have some useful information and contacts.


If you would like further information, please consult the 'helpful links' section on this page.

Fact Zone

You burn 50 more calories an hour when standing than when sitting
Spending too much time sitting puts your health at risk


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