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My Marathon is a great local idea to try and help more people create and achieve personal physical activity goals, in the form of completing a marathon, but not as we know running a marathon. The idea of a Marathon might seem an impossible dream for most us, especially if you don't see yourself as 'sporty' or someone who takes regular exercise.

My Marathon is a unique way for anyone to complete a marathon, just one mile at a time, a day at a time. Whether opting for a traditional methods like walking, running, or swimming, or going for a zanier approach - skipping, hula-hooping or balancing an egg on your head, you are free to choose how to complete each mile.

You decide when, where and how you do your marathon, and even how long it will take you. You may choose to complete the 26 miles within a month of your first mile - but you set your own goals.

If you aren't 'sporty' or someone who exercises regularly My Marathon is a great way to boost yourself into being more active. You can use it as motivation to achieve a personal challenge or you can take it on as part of a team. It's your choice.

You could raise money for charity or undertake it as part of a group, its up to you. Severn Hospice ask those raising money to register their My Marathons and can provide sponsor forms and registration information, alternatively if you would like to raise money for a different charity then please visit just giving.

Below are some ideas of activities you could use to develop your My Marathon.

Activity Equivalent to (NB: values are approximate)
Walking (2000 steps) ~ 1 mile
15 minute walk ~ 1 mile
Badminton (1 game) ~ 1 mile
Golf (uses length of the course) 1760 yards = 1 mile
Bowling (67 ends) ~ 1 mile
Swimming 65 lengths of 25mtr pool ~ 1 mile


If you would like further information, please consult the 'helpful links' section on this page.

Fact Zone

You burn 50 more calories an hour when standing than when sitting
Spending too much time sitting puts your health at risk


Helpful Links