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People with COPD who exercise or keep active regularly have improved breathing, less severe symptoms and a better quality of life than those who aren't active.

Many people with COPD stop taking exercise because it makes them breathless. But not exercising makes things worse. You can't do yourself harm by over-exertion, because breathlessness will stop you. Try to walk, even if it's just around the house or up and down the garden. Even if you are chair-bound you can do some arm and upper-body movements, try to exercise as much as your condition allows.

For anyone wishing to attend pulmonary rehabilitation classes then visit the external links. Classes available are individually tailored classes delivered by experienced healthcare professionals to help you increase your lung fitness and can be very valuable.

For more information and guidance visit external links.


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Research shows that pulmonary rehabilitation improves exercise tolerance, breathlessness and health-related quality of life. It results in people seeing doctors less often and spending less time in hospital. For more information visit: British Lung Foundation or NHS Choices.


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