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Burning Nights aims to improve the quality of life for sufferers, carers, families and friends.  Increasing knowledge of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome on a global and national scale in the UK is a necessity. Through the products on offer on this site, awareness and support of CRPS can improve through increased visibility and information. 

Burning Nights also have designed 'An exercise Guide for people with Limited Mobility'. Please click here to view this. 


Fact Zone

The Equality and Human Rights Commission says that 58% of people over 50 will have a long-term health condition by 2020.
More than 1 million disabled people live alone in the UK, and many more lead independent lives with help
More people are living with a disability now than in the past because we’re living longer, and improved medical treatments are enabling more people to manage long-term health problems.
Older people are more likely to develop a disability and most disabled people are adults. More than 11 million people in the UK are disabled, around 6% of whom are children.