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There are a number of vaccines that are routinely offered to everyone in the UK, for free on the NHS, and ideal ages when these vaccines should ideally be given . If you're not sure whether you or your child have had all your routine vaccinations, ask your GP or practice nurse to find out for you. It may be possible to catch up later in life.

Try to have your vaccinations delivered on time to ensure protection. If you're going to be away from the GP surgery when a vaccination is due, talk to your doctor. It may be possible to arrange to have the vaccination at a different location.


Fact Zone

Myth- My baby is waking in the night so he must need solid food. Your baby waking at night is not a sign that they are ready for solid food. The signs that your baby is ready are they can sit and support their own head unaided; they can look at reach out, pick up the food and put it in their own mouth and are able to swallow the food.