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Drug misuse can have a huge impact on parents, carers and families. Families need support too. If you are affected by someone else's substance misuse you can get help.

When someone in a family or relationship uses drugs those around them may experience anger, betrayal, guilt, fear and isolation. Adfam offers support to families, a range of information is available on their website here.

Support for families of service users

If your loved one is receiving treatment for their substance misuse though any of our services, you can talk to staff at the Shropshire Recovery Partnership on 01743 294 700. Any information you share will remain confidential.

Please note that services will not be able to share any information on your family member unless consent has been given prior to the request.


If you would like further information, please consult the 'helpful links' section on this page.

Fact Zone

Drug and alcohol users can have very erratic behaviour, and it can be difficult to know how to act around them. Their substance use encourages them to act in very distressing ways. They may become aggressive, angry and violent, or distant and cold.
Come down is the hangover or after-effect of taking a drug. Reflecting the low feeling experienced after the high of taking a drug,
It is estimated that there are around 300,000 people in the UK with a dependency on heroin and/or crack. Of those, around half are in contact with treatment services.
Abstinence means not using substances. Abstinence-based or abstinence-focused can be used to refer to drug or alcohol treatment programmes that aim to help the person stop using drugs for the rest of their lives.
Both GHB and GBL are usually sold as an odourless liquid in small bottles or capsules. GBL is a colourless, oily liquid with a weak odour. It is a common solvent used in products like paint strippers and stain removers.


Helpful Links