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Fact Zone

BZP was mentioned in the British Crime Survey for the first time in 2010. Around 23,000 people aged 16–59 reported using the substance in the last year.
With no quality control of illegal drugs, you can never be sure of what’s in the substance you’re taking. It could be cut with cheaper drugs like tranquilisers or even toxic substances such as drain cleaner.
The first ecstasy death was recorded in 1989 and since then, there have been over 300 deaths. One of the most widely reported drug deaths was Leah Betts who died from the effects of water intoxication, believing that drinking lots of water would protect her from the possible side effects of ecstasy.
VSA can kill, you can never know what effects gases, glues and aerosols will have so sniffing is dangerous. It kills more young people aged 10 -16 than any illegal drug. It can kill a user instantly on their first attempt.
The drugs that cause most harm to the individual, families and the wider community are heroin and crack. These drugs account for most of the cost of drug Treatment and drug enforcement and are the drugs most likely to generate crime in order to fund drug purchase.