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The Shropshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)

The Shropshire DAAT is responsible for commissioning and coordinating high quality substance misuse services across Shropshire.

Working as part of the Shropshire Safer Stronger Communities Partnership we aim to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse to individuals, their families and local communities.

Please click here to read our Shropshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team Information Leaflet 

Shropshire DAAT produces Recover!, a newsletter which aims to bring you up to date with the world of drugs and alcohol treatment, recovery and related services in Shropshire.

Past issues of Recover! are available here:

Recover! September 2015

Recover! May 2016

Recover! August 2016

Recover! November 2016

 Recover! March 2017

Recover! August 2017

Recover! December 2017 

Recover! May 2018 

Recover! June 2018 

Recover! September 2018 

Recover! February 2019 

Recover! June 2019 

The DAAT can be contacted at:

Shropshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team
Public Health
Shropshire Council
The Shirehall
Abbey Foregate

Telephone: 01743 253 982



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Fact Zone

According to the latest ONS statistics on drinking habits among adults in Great Britain in 2012, 18% of those aged 65 and over drank alcohol on 5 or more days in the last week; more than any other age group.
Except for an exceptionally high figure in 2006, convictions for dangerous, careless or drunken driving in 2009 for England & Wales were the highest since 2000, at 301,000
Deaths from liver cirrhosis relate closely to heavy drinking. Deaths linked to cirrhosis and related diseases of the liver rose by 121% for men and 68% for women between 1980-82 and 2000, according to the Office for National Statistics.
'[Drink] provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance' (a porter in Macbeth).
1 in 5 patients presenting to primary health care are likely to be excessive drinkers, and each GP will see approx. 364 excessive drinkers in a 12 month period. Problem drinkers consult their GPs twice as often as the average patient


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