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Public health Framework for personalised care and population health

These professional guidance documents, under the overall Framework for Personalised care and Population, provide nurses, midwives and allied health professions (AHPs) with the evidence to help them have a greater and wider input into health promotion at patient, family and community levels.

Pregnancy to child aged 5 (Link)
  Pregnancy to child aged 5 The tools and guidance in this collection will help nurses and midwives working with babies and children up to age 5.
School aged children and young people 5-19 (Link)
Tools and other professional guidance for nurses and health professionals who work with school aged children and young people (ages 5 to 19)

Fact Zone

The potential benefits of physical activity to health are huge. If a medication existed which had a similar effect, it would be regarded as a wonder drug" or "miracle cure". - Sir Liam Donaldson, Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2009