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Additional training for the NHS Health Check

  • All staff must have been trained and certified by Alere to use the POC Afinion device. Upcoming training dates are available here or call 01743 454910.
  • All staff delivering NHS Health Checks are required to have completed the list of e-learning modules for NHS Health Checks - the list of modules can be seen here.

The e-learning modules for NHS Health Checks, which should be undertaken prior to undertaking any Health Check work, include:

Useful contact details

Informatica Support telephone number: 033 033 5311

Informatica email:

Alere Customer Support: 0161 483 5884

Health Check Leaflets order form

Some internet browsers, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, will allow you to fill in this pdf document and email it straight back to us.  Give it a try! 

Health Checks: Resources Order Form (pdf)

Quality Control (internal / external) reporting guide

Quality Control: Testing & Reporting Guide (pdf)

Fact Zone

Moderate activity - The amount of effort required to reach a moderate intensity level varies from person to person due to individual fitness levels, but the effects of reaching a moderate intensity level remains the same for everyone. You're able to talk, but notice your breathing is quicker and deeper than at rest. Your body will be warming up, your heart rate will speed up but not be racing and your skin may start to show a healthy glow.