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Smoking has been prohibited by law in virtually all enclosed and substantially enclosed work and public places throughout the United Kingdom since July 2007, and workers can be fined up to £200 for smoking in the workplace.

Businesses can be fined up to £2,500 if they don’t:

  • make sure people don’t smoke in enclosed work premises or shared vehicles
  • display ‘no smoking’ signs in all workplaces and vehicles - in Wales they must be bilingual signs.

People who drive for a living are not allowed to smoke in a vehicle that more than one person uses, for example:

  • taxis
  • buses
  • vans
  • delivery vehicles 
  • shared company cars or workplace vehicles.

Click here for more information about the law regarding smoking at work.

There are very few exemptions to the laws about smoking and when they do exist, they only apply to designated rooms within a property, and not to the entire premises itself. These include:

  • Certain rooms in hotels, guest houses, care homes, hospices and prisons
  • Private homes (unless used as a workplace)
  • Specialist tobacco shops.

For more information on Smokefree Legislation in the UK, please click here.

For more information on tobacco related legislation, policy and voluntary agreements that apply in the UK, please click here.


Fact Zone

Over 800 children visit their doctor every day in the UK due to the effects of secondhand smoke exposure.